Assure a locational advantage for your municipality.

For a municipality, its attractiveness as somewhere to live and go shopping is of vital importance. Close proximity of retail outlets plays a crucial role in this context.

This applies not only to the inherent quality of the shopping options on offer – reachability is also becoming an increasingly important factor for consumers. Because a resident is at the same time always a consumer as well.

With us, you have a can-do partner at your side when it comes to implementing and assuring the quality you need in your close-to-home retailing facilities.

Together with you, we develop suitable, individualised solutions for your municipality, always taking due account of the local circumstances involved.

Options here include:

  • joint development of architecturally appealing projects taking due account of urban planning considerations
  • project implementation by purchasing municipal real estate
  • revitalising empty properties from the municipality’s portfolio
  • fit-for-purpose utilisation of municipal brownfield sites

Incorporate our long decades of planning competence into your own urban planning.
By prudent, foresighted planning, genuine added values can be achieved for your community, such as:

  • upgrading the urban townscape
  • gaining and binding purchasing power, business enterprises and trade taxes
  • creating attractive jobs
  • together with you, we develop appropriate, responsively individualised solutions for your municipality – always taking due account of the local circumstances and idiosyncrasies involved.



Joachim Wolbergs

Lord Mayor of Regensburg

We are not getting any additional magnets for the Old City, since we don’t have the requisite space. This is why when it comes to urban design we need to obtain even more advice from project development experts like RATISBONA.

Jörg Steuler

Building Department Manager in Neuwied

The RATISBONA company has already completed two projects in Neuwied. In both these projects, we very much appreciated the supportive relationship with the investor RATISBONA. We were particularly impressed by how professionally the project was handled, and how swiftly any issues arising were resolved.

Petra Kalbrenner

Mayor of Swisttal

For the Netto supermarket project in our Buschhoven district, we particularly appreciated the supportive, professional cooperation provided by the RATISBONA company. Whenever any problems and issues arose, we were always freely and frankly involved, enabling us to support the investor to optimum effect.

Jörg Lempertz

Mayor of the combined municipality of Mendig

I would like to thank the RATISBONA company most cordially for implementing the two important retailing projects in Mendig, and for the excellent cooperation we enjoyed. RATISBONA successfully completed the two projects in our community. A very sizeable specialist retailer centre was completed, and a new Netto supermarket built in record time at Obermendig. Both these projects were preceded by a reciprocally supportive, goal-driven, mutually fruitful dialogue with RATISBONA, who in Mendig proved its worth as a can-do, dependable project developer. The local economy was further strengthened by the investments made here.

Matthias Bonse

Mayor of Wahlstedt

Following a long wait, the plan to have a REWE supermarket built here on this site has now been brought to a successful conclusion. I am delighted that this means REWE will be staying in Wahlstedt, supplementing the town’s food and beverage shopping options. In terms of urban planning, moreover, now that the new supermarket is nearer to the town centre, the structural mix has been strengthened. Which means the urban planning goal has been beneficially supported.

Robert Pfann

First Mayor of Schwanstetten

With the newly opened Netto supermarket in our Schwand district, an unused site has been successfully revived in an integrated location. When planning the residential/commercial building, RATISBONA at all times took on board and implemented the wishes and ideas of the local council. The result is an architecturally attractive building that fits in excellently with its urban surroundings.

Erik Lierenfeld

Mayor of Dormagen

With a modern railway station building, including a customer centre and a kiosk on one side and a Netto supermarket on the other, the approach to the platforms has been entirely and attractively redesigned. The Netto supermarket assures close-to-home shopping, creates a pleasant atmosphere, and at the same time a renewed sense of community.

Tobias Drasch

Deputy Managing Director

Conservative investment in an asset with a good ROI. Just talk to us about it.