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By investing in a retailing property, you have opted for a profitable and dependable source of income. In order to preserve your property investment in the long term, and to participate in its value appreciation to optimum effect, professional property management is definitely advisable. We provide you for this purpose with extensive tenant and property management services.

Tenant and property management

  • The goal of our tenant management work in the holistic action package is to assure a long-term return on the property. 
  • Our professional, proactive property management ensures lasting success for you. 
  • By our professional handling of the tenants’ wishes for modifications and expansions, we assure and improve the conditions agreed.
  • Our tenant and property management will only be successful if the operator concerned makes a long-term commitment to the location by extending the agreement or exercising an option.

The focus here is on ensuring a long-term return on the property for the investor.

Commercial management

This includes 

  • Safeguarding your rights as the client in relation to all government agencies, plus vendors, craftspersons and tenants, etc.
  • Handling correspondence with the tenants.
  • Advice on drawing up and terminating tenancy and insurance agreements.
  • Managing and recording rental deposits.
  • Checking and asserting rental increase possibilities.
  • Determining and preparing all operating cost accounts, etc.

Technical management

This includes

  • Checking and remedying any defects reported by the tenants (these will be immediately inspected on site if necessary).
  • Annual inspection of the building’s structural condition.
  • Placing orders for, monitoring and accepting-testing necessary repair work – in the name of and for the account of the client, following prior consultative coordination with him.
  • Involvement and advice for the client when concluding maintenance agreements.
  • Deadline management lessor’s tasks relating to the property.
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