Market expert. Market maker. Market leader.

We are a family firm, and as such take a long-term view. We ourselves come from a retailing family, and are thus thoroughly familiar from our own experience with the needs of the retailing sector and the market involved.

RATISBONA is a regionally rooted, internationally operating company in the field of retailing properties.

It was about 30 years ago that we specialised in the conception, development, implementation and management of food and beverage supermarkets – and have since then developed and refined our acknowledged expertise in this field.

In this segment of the market, we rank among Germany’s leading and most successful companies. As the founder and former operator of one of Germanys best-known and most successful supermarket chains, we know the needs of our clients and the market from our own long years of experience.

On this basis, we have since being founded back in 1987 completed more than 1,200 properties in the German and international retailing sectors. On the basis of this expertise, we also aim in future to complete up to 50 projects a year.


Our project development team seeks out and acquires suitable sites for building new properties or revitalising existing ones. At present, new buildings and revitalisation jobs are roughly equal in volume, though there is an observable downtrend when it comes to greenfield development projects. In 2015, we accordingly acquired more existing properties than ever before in our firm’s history. We either keep these for a lengthy period, or revitalise them and sell them to investors with new, long-term tenancy agreements.

After all agreements have been signed regarding the property to be implemented, we are involved during the entire planning and construction phases, all the way through to turnkey handing-over. For this purpose, we have highly qualified and experienced planning and construction teams in-house.

Sales, Property Management, Back Office and the Legal Department

The concept: 7 steps to success

From location searches and planning, then project development and construction work, all the way through to marketing, property management and letting - the RATISBONA group of companies keeps the entire value added chain in its own hands, since we possess the appropriate departments in-house: this enables us to be a truly competent support throughout the entire life-cycle of this specific property.


Market analysis
Securing the site

Property planning

Project conception
In-house team of architects

Tenancy agreement

Project marketing and tenant acquisition
Contract management

Planning permission

Obtaining planning permission
Planning permission application

Construction phase

Individual order placements
Main-contractor order placement
Own site management


Investor support, property sales, after-sales management

Property management

Commercial and technical facility management

On the spot

The local circumstances and idiosyncrasies always have to be taken into due account for successful project development. We prioritise close proximity to the projects concerned and to the local decision-makers. So that our staff can always be on the spot as your personal contact persons, we have six facilities nationwide in Germany.


  • Regensburg
  • Ponholz
  • Neus
  • Erfurt
  • Guteborn

Partner to retailers

We are successful in completing our projects only because we work closely and cooperatively together with our partners from highly disparate parts of the retailing sector, and comprehend their needs. This means we can offer our partners a multiplicity of different property types as solutions.

Focus on retailing properties

Since 1987, we have been focusing on the segment of retailing properties, and on the basis of our project expertise and analytical capabilities, and our excellent contacts in Germany, have evolved into the market leader. While the majority of our competitors are also active in residential housing construction, we quite deliberately concentrate on properties for the retail sector. In the ongoing market environment, we are the only company to focus exclusively on this category. To the advantage of our clients.

Our promise of performance


When it comes to project development of retailing properties, experience is one of the key components. We have been developing projects in the retailing property category for round 30 years now, and in this time have successfully completed more than 1,100 projects.


In our project work and in our corporate strategy, we think and act on a long-term basis. Our financing structure enables us to act swiftly and independently. Projects with lengthy development phases can thus be reliably and solidly completed.

Mutual trust

Property transactions always involve mutual trust. Every agreement signed puts us under a willingly accepted obligation. We regard a handshake and the agreed conditions as binding. In this context, our personal relationship with the business associate concerned is paramount. As is his entitlement to absolute dependability in implementation.


With deep and lasting roots in Regensburg and Bavaria, we operate nationwide. The local circumstances and idiosyncrasies always have to be taken into due account if a project is to be successful. Close proximity to the projects and to the local decision-makers is very important to us. Which is why our staff are always on the spot as personal contacts.

Team performance

Our staff are our capital. Our corporate efficacy is owed primarily to their knowledge and expertise. Many of our staff have been with us for 10 years already, and contribute an incredibly large fund of experience. Short decision-making paths based on flattened hierarchies and minimised processing times in our internal departments ensure that our projects are processed with maximised swiftness.

Ethical rigour

When we get involved in a project, then we see it through to successful completion. Our realisation ratio is very high. We do not allow ourselves to be satisfied until it has been hand over in the agreed time and in the planned quality – and the client himself is satisfied.