Management of Ratisbona Handelsimmobilien


Rudolf Schels

Managing Partner

Rudolf Schels served an apprenticeship in his parents’ food and beverage wholesaling company during the 1960s, and over the course of years developed it from a traditional-style wholesaler into a flourishing retail company. The first step toward the retail sector was the opening of his own discount shop in 1971 under the name of Sudi Superdiscount. In the early 1980s, the idea was born for the first Netto brand discounter store, which proved to be highly successful. All branches were then swiftly changed over to the new concept, and a sustained expansion thrust was initiated. In 1987, the RATISBONA company was then founded so as to support the expansion of Netto. After Rudolf Schels stepped down as Netto’s Managing Partner in 1998, Ratisbona was purposefully progressed, and is nowadays one of the biggest project developers for Germany’s, entire food and beverage retailing sector. Together with his son Sebastian, Rudolf Schels today heads the company, with several subsidiaries in Germany, and in Spain and Portugal.

Sebastian Schels

Managing Partner

Graduate of the European Business School (ebs) and Retail Property Manager (IRE|BS) with more than 14 years of experience in property project development. Since joining the family firm RATISBONA in 2006, he has been responsible for the successful planning and completion of more than 400 retailing properties in Germany and abroad. From 2009 until 2013 he lived in Spain and Portugal where he was leading Ratisbona Iberia. Sebastian Schels is a partner in RATISBONA Holding and Managing Director of the three national companies, intimately involved in the projects and liaising closely with the clients. Together with his father Rudolf Schels, the preconditions are being put in place for the success story to continue in the fourth entrepreneurial generation.

Tobias Drasch

Deputy Managing Director

MBA (BTE) with more than 20 years of professional experience in retailing and project development for retailing properties. The beginnings in his parents’ wholesaling firm were followed by spells with food/beverage and textile retailers, plus several years working as a project manager in municipal consultancy, focusing primarily on locational development. This was followed by branch network development in field sales for an internationally operating, highly expansive retailer in the textile sector. He has been with RATISBONA since 2007, and has played a crucial role in the firm’s expansion and in project development. As Deputy Managing Director responsible for the entire process control functions in the field of investment properties, liaising closely with the investor, irrespective of whether a private individual or an institutional portfolio purchaser is involved.

Stephanie Graf

Deputy Managing Director

Stephanie Graf , since 2012 at RATISBONA Handelsimmobilien, is leading the legal and due diligence department. She has been working as a jurist in german real estate companies for more than 15 years. Before entering RATISBONA Handelsimmobilien Mrs. Graf was in-house lawyer at a property developer company in Munich and legal advisor for a housing association in Neuss.

António Correia

Co-Country Manager (Iberian Manager)

In 2003, with a degree in Civil Engineering started his career as a Project Manager, coordinating the Engineering/Technical Department of a Construction / Promotion Company. In January 2007 was invited to join Ratisbona to coordinate and manage construction sites. By the end of 2007 António was designated Head of the Engineering/Technical Department. In 2008 was appointed co-representative of the company in Portugal. By the end of 2011 was nominated as General Manager of Ratisbona for the operation in Portugal. Finished the MBA in AESE/IESE by June 2014 and since October 2015 is Managing Director for Iberia.