A site for sore eyes.

Which is why we are seeking suitable sites nationwide for food and beverage supermarkets and specialist retailer centres.

  • In communities with 4,000 or more residents
  • Sites as from 3,500 square meters for building retail outlets on. In top locations in big cities also from 2,000 square metres upwards
  • In a well-frequented location
  • Developed or undeveloped

Our knowledge of the retailing sector’s requirements, our experience in obtaining planning permission, plus our excellent network, provide us with abundant opportunities for erecting properties – not least on your site.

We check your quotation and inform you of our decision immediately. This ensures security of planning for you and us alike. We pride ourselves on prompt completion. If you want to sell your site to a credit-worthy, contract-compliant company, then please get in touch with us.

We also know how to deal with complex sites.

Irrespective of the topography, the shape and the nature of your site – offer us everything! We know what to do. This also applies to sites that entail particular requirements or challenges.

For example, we also possess the technical capabilities for disposing of inherited contaminants with professional efficacy in full compliance with the relevant statutory regulations.

Our contractual formulations for site purchases are tried and tested, fair and balanced.

Just get in touch with us!

Now is the best time to turn your site into money. Preferably with us.

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