Investments in retailing properties: profitable and dependable.

Compared to alternative investments with a similar, conservative risk profile, investing in one of our properties has higher chances of a substantial return.

Besides the ROI as such, however, the dependability and simplicity are also cogent arguments in favour of such an investment. The anchor tenants in our properties are all of them Germany’s biggest retailing companies. Their absolute creditworthiness ensures a stable long-term cash flow. Thanks to our soundly based locational analyses and our validated utilisation concepts, we are able to conclude long-term tenancy agreements with a term of at least 15 years, always incorporating extension options, with the retailers involved.

To sum up: your investment makes you the owner of a commercial property with highly creditworthy tenants and a long-term tenancy agreement. And this in a market environment unaffected by business cycle fluctuations. Which means you are making a clearly structured, absolutely transparent investment.

Optimum prospects for your investment:

  • The quality of retailing locations is checked by our own team down to the very last detail.
  • By indexing the tenancy agreement, due precaution is taken against a possible increase in the inflation rate right from the start.
  • The local councils’ restrictive legislation on planning permission reduces the risk of encountering competition from new enterprises in the same location.
  • By focusing on merchandise for everyday consumption, the tenants are less susceptible to fluctuations in the business cycle. The foreseeable demographic developments are playing into the hands of well-linked close-to-home retailing outlets.
  • The standardised, sophisticated design and the very good construction quality ensure low-maintenance operation with concomitantly modest operating and maintenance costs.
  • Warranty period on almost all job sections.
  • The fixed term of the tenancy agreements is usually at last 15 years, always with an option for extension.
  • When it comes to taxation, an investment is also a prudent option. For example, the buildings can be written down by up to 3 % per annum, and the outdoor facilities by up to 10 %. (German tax law) 
  • On request, we will manage the property in your name.
  • You purchase the property directly from us. No commission is payable.

Tobias Drasch

Deputy Managing Director

Conservative investment in an asset with a good ROI. Just talk to us about it.