Project successes can be planned. This is something we have proven. More than 1.100 times.

Top-quality, foresightedly prudent planning is the most important foundation for a successful project. 

So our corporate standards for planning quality are concomitantly rigorous – as are those for speed of implementation in every phase of the planning work.

To assure both of these at an optimum level of excellence, we employ our own internal team of experienced, highly qualified architects, engineers and specialist planners.

This enables us to cover to optimum effect all the planning phases involved – from initial planning, then the documents submitted for planning permission, all the way through to execution planning. This means that designs, plus modifications and changes as well, can be purposefully implemented and incorporated within a minimised timeframe.

We endeavour here to harmonise functionality and tenants’ special wishes with regard to aspects of urban planning, environmental protection, cost-efficiency and sustainability. 

Our long years of experience in commercial construction projects is to your advantage both in the project itself and in terms of obtaining planning permission. The special mixture of relevant expertise, foresight and implementational quality creates significant added value here.

For this purpose, we employ more than 25 staff in our planning department. The use of leading-edge planning software like CAD is standard practice for us. Specifically, we use the up-to-the-future Allplan CAD planning software package. We create the building plans in three dimensions, utilising the state-of-the-art BIM working method, and continually developing inside the company our holistic approach to planning and managing buildings.

We also score highly in terms of good, interactive communication and professional interchange of data with tenants, government agencies and specialist planners.

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It’s not only for the actual construction work that maximised quality is crucial. The same applies to the planning work.

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