We bring your project to a successful completion.

And for projects that are still in the planning phase or have not yet been quite completed, we are your dependable can-do partner for take-over and implementation.

When purchasing project packages, we take pride in high-speed processing and transactional security. Our prompt quotation scrutiny is followed by an immediate decision. This maximises planning security for you and us alike.

Project partnerships are also possible, of course. This can be done in the form of a joint venture or cooperation agreements. Here, we find individualised solutions and purchasing variants. We work together with both the smaller and the larger market players.

We are looking for project packages nationwide:

  • with or without tenants.
  • with or without planning permission.
  • and even if only incipient projects are involved.
  • irrespective of the development status involved.

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When projects are not reaching the horizon of expectation, are taking too long, or are becoming too onerous, it is wise to act, and seek out a partner who will support you or assume control. We’re always ready to help you.

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