We don’t only build new properties.

We’re also interested in existing properties nationwide – irrespective of whether these are commercial properties pure and simple or mixed-utilisation properties with a mix of commercial and residential units.

Do you want to sell one or more of your existing properties or portfolios to a creditworthy, contract-compliant company?

Is your property coming to the end of its life-cycle, or is it going to be vacant in the foreseeable future?

Do you want to have us revitalise your existing property and plan a new one for you?

Then we’re precisely the right people for you to talk to. We develop the optimum solution for you, promptly and reliably.

We purchase, revitalise or maintain retailing properties from the following sectors:

  • food and beverage retailing
  • DIY stores and garden centres
  • drugstores
  • electronics
  • furniture
  • textiles, footwear and sport
  • pets

For this purpose, we are always on the lookout nationwide for properties

  • in well frequented locations
  • with or without planning permission
  • let or empty
  • commercial properties or mixed-utilisation properties
  • for revitalisation or for demolition and new construction

Our as-is analysis and quotation scrutiny always use a multi-dimensional approach. Wherever necessary here, we tap into the expertise of specialist appraisers, and analyse where the strengths and weaknesses of the property lie.

Our investigations are supported by extensive market and locational analyses, illuminating the surroundings and the development potentials involved.

With a view to the future, we also always pay due attention to ensuring a healthy sectoral mix, taking proper account of potential synergetic effects.

After scrutinising your quotation we make our decision immediately and with binding effect. This creates planning security for both you and us.

We offer you maximised security for all transactions, of course.

Just get in touch with us!

We don’t draw distinctions. We conduct our transactions both with individuals and with prestigious investment companies.

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