Rentals. Construction. Turnover.

The tenants of our properties are the biggest and most prestigious of Germany’s retailing enterprises.

We see this as validating the quality of our work, and at the same time as an incentive for us. And there are good reasons for this.

We support the retailing property right from the start with a view to optimal, sustainable development.

As a lessor and property manager, service support and client focus are very important to us. During planning and implementation, we are able to incorporate even the most individualised of tenants’ wishes, and to respond flexibly to changes in the requirement profile.

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the market and the sector involved, our long decades of focus on the retailing property segment, and our historically evolved intermeshing with the retailers themselves, we are not only thoroughly familiar with the needs of our clients, but also of the market and the consumers.

When planning our projects, for example, we already also factor in the requirements of modern-day user-specific sales areas, and a functional, upmarket, sustainable architecture.

Our aspiration is: we find or create precisely the right solution for our clients.

We also attach due priority to a balanced, stable mix of tenants. This increases the attractiveness for consumers, and assures lasting success.

After planning and completion, many of the properties are also managed by RATISBONA. This makes things easy, convenient and dependable for our clients and the tenants concerned.

Sebastian Schels

Managing Director

We develop and implement only locations in which we have full confidence – and find the right solution for you as the tenant.