Our flagship discipline: project development.

Project development is our core activity: here, we can deploy our expertise, our experience and our contacts from 30 years of development work for the success of a project – and with concomitant benefits for our clients.

Our cooperative development work helps us in this. Thanks to professional, mutually supportive cooperation, we always find the optimum solutions. 

Together with the site owners and tenants, and in close consultative coordination with local councils and government agencies, we find the best ways to satisfy all the parties involved. 

From our long decades of experience, we know: successful project development functions only through responsively on-the-spot proximity to the project and everyone involved.

With all our projects, there’s one principle that can always be relied upon to get ourselves (and therefore our clients as well) to where we want to go: we seek out and develop solely those properties that we ourselves would prefer from a tenant’s point of view.

The steps involved in successful project development

Market analysis

We are thoroughly familiar with the regional markets, and are able to assess where a development project is going to be viable. A good knowledge of the market is the starting point of our work.


We are continually in close contact with all the market players involved, enabling us to swiftly discover and tap into the potentials available.

Securing the site

Concluding site contracts. This creates security of completion and plannability for all parties involved.

Obtaining planning permission

Planning sovereignty is here vested in the local council. Several dozen government agencies are mostly involved. Applications for planning permission involving retailing properties can succeed only in shared mutually supportive cooperation between all parties involved. 

Concept development

Developing fit-for-purpose utilisation concepts harmonised to the needs of all parties involved, and financially viable as well.


We get in touch at an early stage with suitable tenants. A retailing property stands and falls with the retailing company ultimately chosen to operate the property concerned. 

Support all the way through to inauguration

One project – one contact person. Our designated project development team is fully responsible: from beginning to end. Up to turnkey handing-over, all the way through to inauguration. This creates clarity and mutual commitment for all parties internally and externally involved in the project. 

Rigorously focused (wo)man power for project development

Our particular strength in terms of development capabilities is also manifested in the structure of our workforce. For example, 85 of the current 120 staff (70 %) work in development, Here, in line with their qualifications, their specialisms and their individual strengths, they get intensively involved in the project work – with an efficient combination of high individual responsibility and interdisciplinary teamwork.

We offer our highly committed staff numerous opportunities for career advancement, and we also give chances to promising newcomers.

So we continually upgrade our corporate capabilities, enabling us to keep our performance at the high level we demand of ourselves.

Any time, dependably and lastingly.

Project development and implementation as a service.

We develop on your site a modern commercial property with a long-term lease to a thoroughly creditworthy operator.

On your behalf. On your site. All of it single-sourced.

We offer you an all-round no-worries package. We provide all the services involved – from the initial design work and planning permission, then implementation, all the way through to letting and management – from a single source. At a fixed price. 

All departments are located in our building. You have only one contact person. Our long-standing and very close contacts with Germany’s major retailing companies is a major added value for you here. We are thoroughly familiar with the retailing sector’s needs, and can satisfy them down to the very last detail. This enhances the attractiveness of your property and ensures a sound cash flow.

You can download a list of the services we provide here.

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